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App Installs Publisher Publisher Email Publisher Social Publisher Website
12M Two Headed Shark DMCC ***** -
28M Dodreams Ltd. *****
26M Rendered Ideas *****
25M Athena FZE *****
16M Rendered Ideas *****
15M Monstronauts Inc. *****
14M Rendered Ideas *****
12M Tatem Games Inc. *****
10M Rendered Ideas *****
10M Tamatem Inc. *****

Full list contains 339 apps using Microsoft PlayFab in the U.S, of which 150 are currently active and 55 have been updated over the past year, with publisher contacts included.

List updated on 21th December 2023

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What is Microsoft PlayFab

The Microsoft PlayFab SDK is a Game SDK provided by Microsoft Corporation. By integrated this SDK, apps have the capabilities of Game Platform.

Analysis of Microsoft PlayFab

A breakdown of countries and app categories used by Microsoft PlayFab apps.

Countries and Regions
App Categories

Alternatives to Microsoft PlayFab

Most popular Microsoft PlayFab alternatives in 2024.

SDK Apps Integrated Provider
6K 北京游道易网络文化有限公司
389 易玩(上海)网络科技有限公司
139 火烈鸟网络(广州)股份有限公司
53 Kongregate Inc.
27 北京中清龙图网络技术有限公司
15 GameUp Online, Inc.
5 深圳市腾讯计算机系统有限公司
5 豹趣科技有限公司
4 深圳市中手游网络科技有限公司
4 小米科技有限责任公司
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