Apps using USAePay

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App Installs Publisher Publisher Email Publisher Social Publisher Website
93K Foodtec Solutions *****
41K USAePay *****
40K Electronic Merchant Systems Inc *****
27K Data-Basics *****
5K Fattmerchant Inc. ***** -
4K Fidelity Payment Services *****
3K Tracker Management Systems *****
1K Century Business Solutions *****
1K Gravity Payments *****
923 Century Business Solutions *****

Full list contains 25 apps using USAePay in the U.S, of which 24 are currently active and 11 have been updated over the past year, with publisher contacts included.

List updated on 21th December 2023

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What is USAePay

The USAePay SDK is a Integration Services SDK provided by USAePay. By integrated this SDK, apps have the capabilities of Payment.

Analysis of USAePay

A breakdown of countries and app categories used by USAePay apps.

Countries and Regions
App Categories

Alternatives to USAePay

Most popular USAePay alternatives in 2024.

SDK Apps Integrated Provider
110K Stripe, Inc.
104K Razorpay Software Private Limited.
59K PayPal Holdings, Inc.
44K PayPal Holdings, Inc.
33K AnjLab
26K, Inc.
25K Paytm E-commerce Pvt. Ltd.
14K PayU Payments Private Limited.
14K RevenueCat, Inc.
12K Visa Inc.
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